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Used Car Lemon Law Sacramento CA, Ford F-150

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Case Description

Our Client purchased used 2007 Ford F-150 bearing VIN 1FTPW14577KC34708 that had been previously modified with a lift kit and oversized wheels prior to its purchase by our Client. Within five months following the sale of the Vehicle, our Client began experiencing numerous defects and malfunctions, including power steering issues and brake failure. The Dealer would not repair the issues and would not honor the Certified Warranty, claiming that the Vehicle should not have been sold as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle due to aftermarket lift kit and wheels. In what was the final straw, our Client nearly escaped a collision with a center divider after the Vehicle’s power steering failed, and the front left tire flew off. The manufacturer refused to repair the inoperable Vehicle and our Client decided to find a Lemon Law attorney.

After retaining our attorneys at Lemon28, our office was able to obtain a Jury Verdict (Judgment) against Suburban Motors, Inc. and Ford Motor Company in the sum of $420,800.75 on behalf of our Client.