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Should You Hire a Lemon Law Attorney?

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Once you find that your defective vehicle is a “lemon”, you legally have the option to fight the big manufacturers and go through the process alone or you can have an experienced team of attorneys on your side.


Get in touch with one of our dedicated attorneys at 888-536-6628. Your consultation is free and we’ll walk you through the ease of retaining us to fight the manufacturer or dealer on your behalf.

We understand that you feel confused and overwhelmed, especially if you’re getting ready to fight against large manufacturers alone. Keep in mind, these manufacturers have experience corporate attorneys who use legal tactics to their advantage, making the process a difficult one for you.

In addition to this, going through arbitration alone can be a lengthy process. You may find yourself frustrated with the time extensions and legal loopholes that is expected of manufacturers and in the end, they may claim that you do not have a strong enough case – resulting in settling for much less than you deserve, or with no compensation at all.

If you’re deciding whether you should retain a Lemon Law attorney to fight the manufacturer or dealer on your behalf, know that there are many advantages for you, including:


  • Absolutely NO COST to you. While it does cost money to hire attorneys for their legal services, you do not have to worry about paying legal fees when Lemon Law is involved. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to pay for your legal fees as part of your settlement. Remember, Lemon Law attorneys should not take a percentage of your recovery.
  • Attorneys who specialize in Lemon Law are very familiar with the angle that dealer and manufacturer legal teams come from and know exactly how to navigate through their legal tactics.
  • With a Lemon Law attorney by your side, the chances of receiving the settlement that you deserve (buy-back or replacement) are significantly increased. Your attorney will be strategic in using the Lemon Law to carefully prepare your case for trial, although cases often tend to settle out of court.
  • A California Lemon Law attorney will go through arbitration and present your claim without you having to be present. This will save you time and headaches, and you will still be in contact with your attorney throughout the process for your peace of mind.

There are a few things to look for once you suspect your vehicle may be a lemon. Read more about What Qualifies as a Lemon and fill out this quick and easy Free Vehicle Check form to help you determine whether your vehicle qualifies for a refund or replacement under the California Lemon Law.

A dedicated California Lemon Law attorney will recognize the necessary details in your case that can be used in your best interest. Remember to do your research and choose an attorney who specializes in Lemon Law, so you can be confident that the right attorney is on your side. Our attorneys, along with our dedicated On Site Auto Research & Development Team will work hard to ensure you get the best outcome for your case.

Take advantage of the benefits you get when you hire an experienced and reputable Lemon Law attorney with expert knowledge and dedication in this unique area of law. Our attorneys will provide you with a thorough and free consultation. Call us today at 888-536-6628 and find out why we’ve reached Millions in Settlements!

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